CCTV Recommendations?

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I'm not sure if you're talking about Document Magnifier CCTV's, or other
types. I have some information on handheld CCTV's (not for documents but
for enlarging), but I have to find it.

Additionally, wearable computers such as this one make me hopeful that sunglass style wearable magnifiers will be around in
a few years.

I'm a big fan of the Optelec Clearview series when it comes to Document
magnifiers, I've found them to be high quality, with all of the features
you want.

Portability, however, is interesting. These things are a little hefty, but
movable. However, I've found them to be pretty rugged, so constant moving
of these devices shouldn't be a big deal if you've got a wheeled cart or
something to haul them on.

Additionally, ease of control and features available seems to be good. All
of the video magnifiers have pretty much the same features (color changes,
white on black or black on white, lines, pointers, etc.) I personally
prefer the 700 series. They're built primarily for computer monitors, but
can also handle TV outputs as well.

Just my $0.02. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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The last time I looked Optelec was the top of the heap, I am going to be
looking too real soon. Please send your responses to the list.

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Colleagues - The Disability Services Office is considering purchasing
another CCTV for people with Low Vision.
Features Wanted:
Color display abilities
Use with eathier TV or Monitor
Near/Far abilities
Two or three dimension imaging
The ones I know about
Any recommendations from experience?

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