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You might also want to think about investing in tactile diagram
equipment/software unless that will be done elsewhere. We use the Tactile
Image Enhancer with QikTac.

Cassandra Tex
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At 08:14 AM 12/8/2004, Robert Espero wrote:

>You might want to include ADOBE AUDITION software (formerly known as COOL

>EDIT 2000) if you plan on recording/editing digital audio files (MP3s,

>WAVs, etc) along with TextAloud MP3.




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>Our district is moving to a District Wide Model in all of our services to

>disabled students. With this in mind we are planning to set up an

>alternative formatting station that would serve all the needs for our 10

>sites. My question to the group is what would you say would be the

>necessities for such a station? I was thinking a computer with CD writing

>capabilities, WinZip, a high speed scanner with top of the line OCR

>software, Duxbury software, and both ink and braille printers. Can anyone

>think of other things that would be needed as well? Formatting would

>include large print, Braille, eText and taped text. Thank you for your

>help and support. gh, ATACP Houston, TX, 99


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