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Thu Feb 19 17:01:04 PST 2004


don't know if folks have spotted information from this interesting-looking feb 2004 assistive tech day for fed folks on feb 25th. i know they do these, but the vendor info
intrigued me... forgive if this is old news or has already been posted here...

the following is taken from the longer announcement and info at
http://www.section508.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=Content&ID=133 :

February 2004 Assistive Technology Day

The Assistive Technology Day for February will be a presentation on a new audit
and remediation software "Expert Fixer" as well as the web based tool "Ocawa."
Both tools employ state-of-the-art artificial intelligence based technology from
Urbilog. Urbilog is a small French company specializing in accessibility issues
for the internet and beyond. Their services include web-accessibility auditing
and consulting (with full knowledge of the WAI's WCAG and the U.S. Government's
Section 508 requirements). Urbilog is adopting a new general approach to control
systems for web information. They are coming to the USA to meet with those in
the Federal Government and private sector and are showing this software to the
U.S. public for the first time.


syd lefkoe

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