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Mrs E.A. Draffan ea at draffan.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Jan 10 10:42:13 PST 2004

Happy New Year...although it seems long since gone - Across the pond here
are coping with the vagaries of the British weather and have just had our
annual marathon Education Technology exhibition http://www.bettshow.co.uk/
<http://www.bettshow.com> I will try to get a write up of the new things I
saw on our database ezine as soon as I can.

The Quality Audit Group for all our assessment centres around the country
(made up of a group of volunteers from various sectors in post-16 education
related to disabilities) are still deciding how to best set up a quality
auditing process for all the new centres that are springing up now that the
Dept of Education have allowed anyone to create a centre as long as they
follow certain criteria. Interesting times ahead but we cross fingers it
all works out in 2004 as the show gets on the road in April.

TechDis is being upgraded or is defragged - so we also have interesting
times ahead with more staff and a new Director due in a few months. The
base for us all will be York in the new Higher Education Academy (this is a
UK bit of joined up thinking as all the services will be under one roof) so
I think I will be working virtually on a 56Kmodem as I do not want to move
house! I need a magic way of reaching our nearest broadband connection in
our local substation which is over the distance - oh for wireless broadband
as satellite is so expensive here.

So Ron in theory we are moving ahead! Not sure about the practice
yet....maybe my British reserve but see you at CSUN hopefully! :>)) Must
book a ticket!

Best wishes

Mrs E.A.Draffan
TechDis, Sussex School of Education
The Institute, University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9QQ
Tel: 01273 873600
http://www.techdis.ac.uk <http://www.techdis.ac.uk/>

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Speaking of the survey how are folks doing on their various projects?

Ron Stewart


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I'm aware that some of these questions were supposed to be found out via the
survey. Since that's not yet available, I was hoping to get some answers
from you guys regarding how you do Assistive Tech/Accessibility Support at
your respective Universities, so that Oklahoma State University can see
where they stand.

If you could take a few minutes and give me a quick reply, it would be
greatly appreciated:

1. How many FTE (full time employees) do you have working on Assistive
Tech/Accessibility? Part-timers, and those spread across different areas
would count as a partial FTE.

2. Do you have a specific department/office/group setup to handle AT
support? What is this groups primary mission? What things do they handle?
How do they interoperate with a DSS office at your school?

3. Do you have a lab or workstation environment setup for students?

Thanks for the assistance. I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday season!

Kevin A. Sesock, A+, NET+, CNA, MCSA
Assistive Technology Specialist
2nd Level Support Team
Technology Support Department
Information Technology Division
Oklahoma State University

"Hail to the speaker, hail to the knower; joy to he who has understood,
delight to they who have listened." --Odin

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