[athen] accommodation ideas?

Nusen, Michael Michael.Nusen at ppcc.edu
Fri Jun 25 07:33:15 PDT 2004


1) Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Edition v7.0

2) Dragon dictation training/course (min 12 hrs suggested)

3) A Dragon compatible digital recorder
(http://support.scansoft.com/compatibility/ -> Dragon NaturallySpeaking ->
Recorders (Current))
Sony ICD SX20 - 32 MB memory (~$210)
Sony ICD SX30 - 64 MB memory (~$414)
Sony ST25 - 32 MB memory (~$343)

4) Dragon transcription from the digital recorder:

The standard and professional versions of Dragon currently have the
capability to be used with a handheld digital recorder. One dictates into
the recorder then connects the recorder to the computer to do the
transcription from the recorder to text utilizing Dragon. In the past this
could only be done via a tape recorder with much less accuracy. I am not
aware of the use of the wireless microphone method you mention below.

The scansoft site states that one could also dictate into Pocket PC.

5) Editing of the transcription: If the individual cannot initially
effectively self edit, then a transcriptionist should be able to provide
this service at a much lower cost utilizing the transcribed recording &
recording than transcribing from scratch.

Thank you,

Michael Nusen
Coordinator, OASIS/CAC
(Office of Accommodative Services and Instructional Support/Computer Access
Pikes Peak Community College
michael.nusen at ppcc.edu

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hello fellow AT folks,

recently, i've been asked to resolve a somewhat unique problem.
we have a medical student who is going to start doing rounds in a
hospital in town. she wants the ability to verbally utter her patient
notes and have it captured as text. (ala dragon)

however, she wants the accuracy rate to be at least 90%. i have
misgivings about dragon being that accurate when using medical
jargon. any success stories?

are there any other ways to address this? so far, the idea is to get
a workstation situated in a quiet place for her somewhere in the
hospital, and she would return to this station, speak out her notes,
make minute corrections, and just do this all day.

for the initial time period while we see if this all works, i
suggested that she use a voice recorder, and then use transcription
services to get verbatim text, which she can copy/paste into notes if
need be.

she originally wanted a portable solution, but i just dont see how
this can be done accurately. (using a wireless mike and then hoping a
remote laptop would get everything right...?)

any ideas are greatly appreciated, thanks!

nick ogrizovich
university of vermont

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