[athen] Subtitling DVD

Stewart, Ron ron.stewart at oregonstate.edu
Fri Feb 11 13:20:02 PST 2005

We have just finished the development stages of a DVD subtitling
program, as the final component of our captioning center. We are doing
everything on a G5 mac and using the Apple Production Suite. most the
work is being done with the DVD Pro software. Should have our docs done
in a couple of weeks and are more that willing to share.

One thing we have noticed is, and it is a know bug with apple that on
longer DVD captures the audio and subtitles get out of sync. It is
caused by a difference in capture rate (30fps vs 29.97fps) between the
different software components, but if you break the DVD capture up into
smaller segments and make a small timeline adjustment it fixes the

On the windows side we are using Uleads DVD studio but find that the Mac
stuff works so much better.



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We have been captioning tapes with CPC captioning software. We are
venturing into the DVD area.

I am looking for recommendations for software to rip so I can get an avi
We will generate the text file
I then will need DVD authoring software
Also if you are doing this what DVD format would you recommend

Any advice recommendations would be greatly appreciated


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