[athen] Adaptive Tech program: ideal campus placement?

Nick Ogrizovich III defnick at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 1 10:19:12 PST 2005

Hello All,

I am about to start an ambitious undertaking, namely to relocate the
Adaptive Technology Lab at the University of Vermont out of the
offices of the Disability Services (ACCESS) and more of a standalone

This is a physical, as well as organizational change. What I need to
bolster my efforts is a comparison of peer schools, to show that the
disability services office is NOT the "ideal" place to lump AT in. My
point has always been that AT is the province of the IT department,
and AT typically works best in a central location, like a main

This opportunity has just presented itself in UVM. The entire 3rd
floor of the library is about to be scrapped, and they are making
room for CTL (center for teaching and learning- mostly webCT and
multimedia related) and I felt that the ATL would be an ideal
complement to that.

Can anyone share anything like an organizational chart that clearly
shows the relationship in reporting (chain of command, etc) in
relation to the IT dept.?

This may be my only opportunity to get a "real" budget, and hopefully
staffing, as my position has grown beyond my ability to serve the
students appropriately. (currently, our set-up is that I'm the single
AT point person for a college of approx 9k students, and AT work is
only 30% of my job)

This is a useful discussion for others, because this touches on
Universal Design aspects. What is an "idea" scenario for AT providers
on campus settings? How do we get the recognition and visibility our
services need? How do we leverage our knowledge of UD to steer
schools in the right direction in terms of web standards, WAI, WC3,
etc? what about captioning of videos and web videos?
these are issues that we shouldn't have to fight for.


Nick Ogrizovich
Adaptive Lab Coordinator
University of Vermont

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