[Athen] Dragon NS and Math/Engineering

Tuman,Sara tumans at cahs.colostate.edu
Wed Aug 30 13:53:21 PDT 2006

Hello, I am currently working with a student at Colorado State
University who experienced a spinal cord injury and is now at an
incomplete C5-C6 level. He is using Dragon right now for all his
computing needs, although he can successfully manipulate a trackball
mouse which helps. His main issue is that he is an engineering student
and is looking for a program that interfaces well with Dragon but will
allow him to dictate math and engineering lingo he needs. I am not too
familiar with the engineering aspect so wanted to query all of you to
see if anyone has experienced a similar situation and has any advice as
to math or engineering programs that would interface well with Dragon.

I've looked up and have demo Cds of mathtalk by metroplex but the
student did not feel it would meet his needs for engineering entirely.

Any suggestions?



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Colleagues - Haven't posted in a while, been trying to drain swamps and
you know what happens then! I'm trying to ascertain functionality and
accessibility of Jenzabar Academic Portal for use by students with
disabilities. Any comments on portals in general and Ideas as to how I
can determine access for blind users would be appreciated.

Here is a list of questions that I'm working on:

1. JAWS and Jenzabar keyboard shortcuts?

2 . Do I use web page verifiers to check for 508 standards for password
protected portals?

3. What kind of training materials need to be in place to be effective
for individuals with disabilities to use portals and specifically

Feedback is appreciated!

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