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Sarah, MathTalk was (I believe) intended primarily for people who are
blind and cannot, for whatever reason, use a keyboard. If your
student is not blind and can use a trackball, then he should be able
to use an on-screen keyboard and to compose math with more or less
any conventional math authoring application. Try Word with the
MathType equation editor. Writing math will be tedious, but frankly
I doubt that anything that composes math with speech is likely to be
fast either.

Am I missing something?


At 01:53 PM 8/30/2006, you wrote:

>Hello, I am currently working with a student at Colorado State

>University who experienced a spinal cord injury and is now at an

>incomplete C5-C6 level. He is using Dragon right now for all his

>computing needs, although he can successfully manipulate a trackball

>mouse which helps. His main issue is that he is an engineering

>student and is looking for a program that interfaces well with

>Dragon but will allow him to dictate math and engineering lingo he

>needs. I am not too familiar with the engineering aspect so wanted

>to query all of you to see if anyone has experienced a similar

>situation and has any advice as to math or engineering programs that

>would interface well with Dragon.


>I've looked up and have demo Cds of mathtalk by metroplex but the

>student did not feel it would meet his needs for engineering entirely.


>Any suggestions?






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>Colleagues - Haven't posted in a while, been trying to drain swamps

>and you know what happens then! I'm trying to ascertain

>functionality and accessibility of Jenzabar Academic Portal for use

>by students with disabilities. Any comments on portals in general

>and Ideas as to how I can determine access for blind users would be



>Here is a list of questions that I'm working on:


>1. JAWS and Jenzabar keyboard shortcuts?


>2 . Do I use web page verifiers to check for 508 standards for

>password protected portals?


>3. What kind of training materials need to be in place to be

>effective for individuals with disabilities to use portals and

>specifically Jenzabar?


>Feedback is appreciated!



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