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Thu Aug 31 12:21:08 PDT 2006

Hi Robert,

Here is the URL for the accessibility site for Angel:

There is an "Angel Accessibility Overview" (warning - PDF) that is available
from this site as well as additional information about the status of Angel's
accessibility level.

I did take a look at Angel about 4 months ago and it had some interesting
features. They had a "508" button (or something similar) in the main screen
that removed many of the frames and cleaned up the interface - I actually
preferred the "cleaned-up" version.

I do remember having a bit of an issue with the synchronous chat environment
in that is seemed to be using some type of Flash-based interface that did
not always work with a screen-reader well. Overall, though, Angel did not
seem to present any major barriers to accessing content and moving about the
interface with a variety of assistive computer technologies.

Angel did release an update during the testing period and I was not able to
go back and recheck everything again. However, it did not appear that
anything in the system got worse so I suppose that is good!

Hope this helps,

Sean Keegan
Web Accessibility Instructor
High Tech Center Training Unit, California Community Colleges

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Hi all,

I found out, in a non-related meeting, that our institution is moving from
WebCT to Angel for online courses. Since I know eventually the issue of
accessibility will come up (and should have come up long before the decision
was made), I was wondering if anybody has experience with the program. Any
tips, tricks, hints, etc. will be greatly appreciated.


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