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>There are 2 announcements below. Please read BOTH!!


>Free Web Conference Dec. 14 2 PM Eastern:

>University of Wis. Report on NSF grant On

>Science Accessibility

>Presenter: Alice Anderson


>Alice Anderson is Co-PI and Director of MIDWEST Alliance for Science,


>Engineering and Math <


>AND Technology Accessibility Program (TAP), Division of Information


>(DoIT) <


>at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


>The MIDWEST Alliance is in the second year of a five-year NSF funded grant


>focuses on increasing the success of students with disabilities entering

>and completing post-secondary education in Science, Technology,

>Engineering and

>Mathematics (STEM) fields. This goal will be accomplished by consolidating

>considerable institutional, programmatic and personnel resources.

>Discover how the grant got off the ground (building an infrastructure),

>the focus

>and activities of year two, and the challenges

>and triumphs to date.


>The MIDWEST alliance is a consortium of educators, scientists and student


>service providers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison),

>the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and the University

>of Northern

>Iowa (UNI). MIDWEST is uniquely positioned to facilitate student

>success across a broad range of education levels in STEM by

>connecting institutions, faculty and staff who have substantial individual


>and expertise in disability access education.


>The MIDWEST senior personnel are working together to transition secondary


>students with disabilities in STEM, educate post-secondary students with

>disabilities in STEM, and support undergraduate students' entry into graduate

>programs and industry. By modifying STEM instruction and support services

>for students, transforming training environments and increasing

>the accessibility of classrooms and labs, MIDWEST will significantly alter


>activities in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa.


>Register for the free Dec. 14 Web conference




>We are testing an updated and slightly different Web conference

>system. We can

>test it better if some real people drop in to talk for a few minutes. If you

>can drop by and say hello on either of the times below, please do so!

>Come and talk either with text chat or with voice using a mic.



>Friday 15 at 2 PM Eastern

>Monday Dec. 18 at 2 PM Eastern


>Meet us at



>Thank you.



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