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We had a recognition problem even with an instructor's training file
because the student's digital recorder wasn't one recommended by Nuance.

Another digital recording issue was improved when the instructor agreed
to wear a clip-on microphone and carry the recorder in their shirt

The non-technology question, of course, is why the student needs a
verbatim transcript anyway.
The preference, of course, is to use peer notes, when appropriate, via
NCR paper supplemented with the instructor's materials/lecture notes and
the recording. The caveat, of course, re peer notes is that they may not
be appropriate in certain circumstances in developmental courses.

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I can tell you that Naturally Speaking v. 9 has an extremely fast set
up. I loaded it on my laptop recently and was done with the basic
install and recognition training in less than an hour.

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>Does anyone know if it's possible to *create* a training script for



>I'm transcribing a recorded lecture from an instructor, and thought I'd

>give Dragon a whirl -- even if I only get 50% recognition, I'm ahead of

>starting from scratch. The problem is that I doubt I can get the

>instructor to leave her grading long enough to create a profile. I'd

>like to use a transcript we've already created to train the program.


>Is this even *remotely* possible?





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