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Hi Patrick,

> My question is, how well are other adaptive programs working with IE7?

I posted a link to the IE 7 blog a few weeks ago that focuses a bit on
screen-reader technology, but also identifies other assistive tech.


The short answer is that Dragon Naturally Speaking has some issues with IE
7, although there is an update to DNS 9 that is supposed to correct
compatibility issues (I have not tried it yet). There was a brief
discussion of this on the Alternate Media list at the HTCTU awhile back

There are also problems with MathPlayer and integration with IE 7 and the
recommendation is to not install IE 7 if you need MathML support.

Take care,

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>Hi Everyone,

I've been using Jaws 8 with IE7 for a little while now, & so far I'm very
favorably impressed.(that is, no major system meltdown!)

My question is, how well are other adaptive programs working with IE7?

Apparently Kurzweil 3000 has gone the other direction, now optimized to work
with Firefox. (Perhaps it's been like this for a long time, but I just found
out about it.)

Has anyone encountered problems with other software & Ie7?



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