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The only comment I would make on Dann's list is the UD book by Rose, CAST has only recently moved into the Postsecondary arena, and this book reflects a very k-12 orientation. If you want UD materials with an adult perspective I would recommend the writings of Sally Scott, or any of the materials available from the UD program at UCONN.



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Here is my list of favorites:

I also maintain lists of information and resources at the ATHEN blog
http://athenpro.blogspot.com/ (right column)

And at my personal blog:
http://bloggertation.blogspot.com/ (left column)

I agree with Ron's book choices and add these:

Lazzaro, Joseph (2001). Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work
Environments, 2nd edition. ALA Press - 0-8389-0804-7

Rose, David H. and Meyer, Anne (2002). Teaching Every Student in the
Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning. ASCD Press - 0-87120-599-8

The manuals for every bit at Access technology at your disposal.

Call me if you need any assistance - I'm just over the river :-)

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Boston University Office of Disability Services
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>Here is were I like to start folks, I am sure others also have ones


>will share.




>Information Access and Adaptive Technology by Coombs and Cunningham

>Accessibility for Everyone by Mueller

>Maximum Accessibility by Slatin and Rush




>The DOIT AccessIT Website



>The GRADE Project at Georgia Tech






>The Policy page of the TAP website



>The SNOW Project




>Research on AT:


>The ADAPTECH Project - Dawson College



>The Research page of the TAP website







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>Dear Ron and AT colleagues,

>What resources, documents,etc. would you suggest I give an IT person


>has no experience with Assistive Technology and sketchy knowledge of

>even minimal access standards for web accessibility for people with

>disabilities? Where would you start? There is so much out there so I

>want to make sure they get it the first time around.





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>> We'll you could knock me over with a feather, I just found out that

>> CSUN intends to charge ATHEN $400 for the use of a room for our

>> meeting unless we schedule a banquet dinner at a cost of around



>> It seems that the rumors are true, CSUN is indeed doing things

>> differently to the detriment of their long term partners.


>> Ron


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