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EASI four-part fee-based Web Conference series:
Learning Disabilities and Adaptive Technology
August 8, 15, 22 and 29 all at 2 PM Eastern
Registration info and a registration link are at the bottom of this email

Session 1: Learning Disabilities - Adolescents and Adults

Noel Gregg, Ph.D.
Director & Distinguished
Research Professor
University of Georgia Regents Center
for Learning Disorders
331 Milledge Hall
Athens Georgia, 30602
Office (706) 542-4589
Email: ngregg at uga.edu

This first presentation in a series of four focusing on learning
disabilities will present an overview of learning disabilities and the
adolescent /adult population. Several individual profiles will be used to
investigate defining individual attributes, assessment issues, and effective
learning strategies. The similarities and differences observed with learning
disabilities related to instructional, testing, and work strategies will be
emphasized. The need for understanding the heterogeneity across the
population will be highlighted.

Session 2: K-12 through Transition: One Size Does Not Fit All
Pene Chambers
Director, Information Systems
Department of Special Education
Kennedy Krieger Institute
Office (443) 923-4590
Email: chambers at kennedykrieger.org

Technology affords flexibility and can accommodate unique and diverse
individual needs and interests without compromising goals and objectives.
Use what you have better. You will learn where and why to access books and
text from the web as well as what to do with the text to make it more
accessible and usable. You will learn about ways to alter standard
applications, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and use technology in
non-expected ways. Included will be information about altering and using
standard word processing programs including how and why to create templates
and create forms. You will also learn how and why to use PowerPoint as an
organizer and to make non-linear presentations.
Other strategies and less normal application combinations will be included.

Session 3: The Way to Go? : Learning Disabilities and Customized
Carolyn Phillips, Manager
Georgia Department of Labor/VR Tools for Life Program
Vocational Rehabilitation Program
1700 Century Circle B-4
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
Voice: 1-800-497-8665 Email:
carolynpphillips at mindspring.com
Customized Employment gives power back to individuals, families, employers
and community stakeholders. Participants will be exposed to unique profiles
of individuals with learning disabilities who have benefited from the
concept of customized employment because it fosters flexibility,
individuality, unique strengths and desires and a partnership with the
natural community.
This presentation will show that working across local, state, federal and
international domains advances the opportunities for persons with
disabilities to increase their access and participation in employment and
daily life. This presentation will also address key concepts with
customized employment: self determination, zero exclusion criteria, interest
based assessment, individualized job development, integrated and linked
employment, choice-based options for, and user friendly access to, assistive

Session 4: The Matrix: Incorporating Universal Design for Learning in
a Post-secondary setting for Student with Learning Disabilities

Christopher M. Lee, Ph.D.
Director, AMAC, University System of Georgia
337 Milledge Hall
Athens, Georgia 30602
Office (706) 542-4589
Email: leecm at uga.edu

This presentation will explore how disability services are evolving within
the post-secondary environment. The scope of disability services has
changed as a result of access to alternative media and more effective ways
of linking accommodations, modifications, and AT to individual student
profiles. With better informed staff and more innovative options students
should be receiving better services. If so, then why are retention and
graduation rates for students with disabilities so low? Are students
utilizing these innovative services?
This presentation will offer participants insight on how students in
post-secondary settings are accessing and using assistive technology
services, how post-secondary systems are incorporating universal design for
learning models, and will highlight innovative systems that are linking and
expanding to others outside of network partners and creating a
service-driven Matrix.


Registration for these 4 hour-long presentations is $150 and you can
register online at:
Read about 2 one-hour, free Web conferences on Podcasting and on accessible
tablet computer technology
These conferences are sponsored by EASI (Equal Access to Software and

Norm Coombs

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