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Berkowitz, Daniel J djbrky at bu.edu
Wed Mar 8 04:40:40 PST 2006

I love the internet -- where else can a company most of us have never
heard of declare themselves the "world's leading news portal for
assistive technology".

I hereby declare the ATHEN Blog as the "world's leading access
technology blog for the postsecondary environment". Heck - for all I
know that may be true! http://athenpro.blogspot.com/

What I am pleased about is that someone on the CSUN planning committee
is thinking outside the box.

One of the most popular tech-sites right now is IT Conversations and its
spin-offs. This volunteer driven site collects, organizes and
distributes content from technology conferences (and others) from all
over the world. There is a virtual ton of good stuff to be heard here.

It is becoming easier for conferences to digitally record sessions and
thus share the content in podcast form. EduCause is an excellent example
of this as is the University Channel [both pod and vod]. I would love it
if the CSUN programs would be recorded and then made available after the
conference. Accessing Higher Ground audiotapes sessions and makes the
tapes available afterward. Howard and I had a conversation on the
possibility of going digital with this in 2006.

I will be posting to the ATHEN blog during CSUN so check the blog daily
(or simply use the RSS feed).

On a side note - I found information on Mac access on the Axistive site.
However, this did not come up in any of the searches I did prior to the
reviews I am presently undertaking. Of course, that may not be so bad as
I overall disagree with their review which looks like little more than a
cut and paste job from an Apple sales brochure.

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