[Athen] digest command

sean keegan skeegan at htctu.net
Wed May 17 13:13:44 PDT 2006

Here is information to change your settings (e.g., switch to/from digest

To change your options, send an e-mail to:

athen-request at athenpro.org

To switch to the digest format, include in the body of the message the

subscribe "password" digest

For the "password" value, remove the quotes and make sure to include your
password for the system. If you do not include a password, then the system
will generate one for you. A password would have been sent when you were
signed up for the system.

To switch from digest to a non-digest format, simply change the word
"digest" in the above command and you will be changed from the digest format
to the non-digest format.

Let me know if you have any problems!

take care,

Sean Keegan
Web Accessibility Instructor
High Tech Center Training Unit, California Community Colleges

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What is the command for setting up digest format. I've tried sending
"set digest mime" to athen-request at athenpro.org and a couple of other
variations of the command but I must be doing something wrong.


Howard Kramer
Assistive Technology Lab Coordinator
AT Conference Coordinator
Disability Services
CU-Boulder, 107 UCB
Boulder, Co 80309

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