[Athen] ATHEN text for AHG 2006 registration form

Pratik patel pratikp1 at lycos.com
Fri May 26 01:54:44 PDT 2006

Dan, I don't think we need to mention the handsome factor and the
intelligence factor at all. We can just post your picture with an
appropriate alt tag and people will understand. After all, subliminal
advertisements work much better than explicit ones.

Howard, perhaps you can post the membership link
(http://athenpro.org/node/13) along with the professional membership
information as as a compromise. This saves you space and allows people to
go directly to the membership information. You can say something like: "For
more information on ATHEN membership levels and to obtain an application,
visit http://athenpro.org/node/13." Of course, you can change that wording
to fit the context.



Pratik Patel
Director, CUNY Assistive technology Services (CATS)
The City University of New York
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How about something explaining how all of the members are good looking and
smart as whips!

OK -- better than that -- talk up the ATHEN track of programs and make
mention of the networking and social opportunities. Networking can be
facilitated by marking our nametags with something (a big red 'A' or a
grecian column or some such). We all know that one night of the conference
we will be have an ATHEN night out for dinner and drinks.

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Hello All:

Here is the text I was planning to put on the Accessing Higher Ground
registration form explaining ATHEN. It comes directly from the Web site.

Access Technologists Higher Education Network (ATHEN)
ATHEN is a professional association and network for Access Technologists in
Higher Education. The purpose of ATHEN is to collect and disseminate best
practices in access technology in the higher education environment as well
as present a collective voice for the professional practice of access
technology in higher education. For more information on ATHEN membership and
its benefits, see the web site at: www.athenpro.org

<http://www.athenpro.org/> Also, I only posted the option for Professional
Membership due to space limitations. Should the other memberships be
mentioned or will folks probably pick that up by going to the ATHEN Pro Web
site. Any thought on a specific blurb on the Web site indicating the
benefits of membership?


Howard Kramer
Assistive Technology Lab Coordinator
AT Conference Coordinator
Disability Services
CU-Boulder, 107 UCB
Boulder, Co 80309

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