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What are your thoughts about 'links' on this page...we're having an
ongoing discussion/debate in my world about
red/green colorblind, and using red as links without underlining. At
one point, I received an email from a color blind
individual saying 'unless you underline, I won't be able to see

all comments and thoughts - to the list, or me individually,

On May 25, 2006, at 8:25 PM, Berkowitz, Daniel J wrote:

> How about something explaining how all of the members are good

> looking and smart as whips!


> OK -- better than that -- talk up the ATHEN track of programs and

> make mention of the networking and social opportunities. Networking

> can be facilitated by marking our nametags with something (a big

> red 'A' or a grecian column or some such). We all know that one

> night of the conference we will be have an ATHEN night out for

> dinner and drinks.



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> Hello All:


> Here is the text I was planning to put on the Accessing Higher

> Ground registration form explaining ATHEN. It comes directly from

> the Web site.


> Access Technologists Higher Education Network (ATHEN)

> ATHEN is a professional association and network for Access

> Technologists in Higher Education. The purpose of ATHEN is to

> collect and disseminate best practices in access technology in the

> higher education environment as well as present a collective voice

> for the professional practice of access technology in higher

> education. For more information on ATHEN membership and its

> benefits, see the web site at: www.athenpro.org


> <http://www.athenpro.org/> Also, I only posted the option for

> Professional Membership due to space limitations. Should the other

> memberships be mentioned or will folks probably pick that up by

> going to the ATHEN Pro Web site. Any thought on a specific blurb on

> the Web site indicating the benefits of membership?


> Thanks,

> Howard




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