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For the formal, technical answer I will defer to folks such as Sean
Keegan - but from the perspective of someone who works with B/LV and has
done some web design work - the simple answer is that there are numerous
ways to differentiate text-links form the surrounding plain-text.

The standard underlined blue that changes to dull red is the default in
IE. When coding websites, developers can choose what colors they want
the links to be but those choices are usually overridden by the browser

In designing sites it is also possible to differentiate the links in
some other manner - by bolding them or changing the font. If it is the
ATHEN website you are referring to, the mouseover feature highlights and
underlines links on the page

Optional browsers, such as Firefox and Opera, have accessibility options
that allow the end-user to choose how links will be displayed and
handled. They can be personalized.


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>What are your thoughts about 'links' on this page...we're having an

>ongoing discussion/debate in my world about

>red/green colorblind, and using red as links without underlining. At

>one point, I received an email from a color blind

>individual saying 'unless you underline, I won't be able to see



>all comments and thoughts - to the list, or me individually,





>On May 25, 2006, at 8:25 PM, Berkowitz, Daniel J wrote:


>> How about something explaining how all of the members are good

>> looking and smart as whips!


>> OK -- better than that -- talk up the ATHEN track of programs and

>> make mention of the networking and social opportunities. Networking

>> can be facilitated by marking our nametags with something (a big

>> red 'A' or a grecian column or some such). We all know that one

>> night of the conference we will be have an ATHEN night out for

>> dinner and drinks.



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>> Hello All:


>> Here is the text I was planning to put on the Accessing Higher

>> Ground registration form explaining ATHEN. It comes directly from

>> the Web site.


>> Access Technologists Higher Education Network (ATHEN)

>> ATHEN is a professional association and network for Access

>> Technologists in Higher Education. The purpose of ATHEN is to

>> collect and disseminate best practices in access technology in the

>> higher education environment as well as present a collective voice

>> for the professional practice of access technology in higher

>> education. For more information on ATHEN membership and its

>> benefits, see the web site at: www.athenpro.org


>> <http://www.athenpro.org/> Also, I only posted the option for

>> Professional Membership due to space limitations. Should the other

>> memberships be mentioned or will folks probably pick that up by

>> going to the ATHEN Pro Web site. Any thought on a specific blurb on

>> the Web site indicating the benefits of membership?


>> Thanks,

>> Howard




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