[Athen] Document Conversion Costs

Jean Salzer jeano at uwm.edu
Wed May 31 07:47:51 PDT 2006

My two cents after completing my first full year of digital conversion:

For me to cost out - and this is minimal as I don't include electrical,
copy costs and such - I'd include the purchase and maintenance costs for
scanners, embossers, computers, software, any other hardware - such as a
comb binder - and then time individuals put in to do whatever is
necessary. I could then do a simple average based on the number of pages
or number of books or the number of students who use the service. Where
that gets me in trouble is I intend to use the equipment for two or
three years. I believe I'd need to have costs and numbers for at least
two years before I could come up with a solid figure. I'm tempted to
cost it out based on student numbers versus pages, because most of our
campus related stats are based on the number of students in any given
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