[Athen] JFW 7.0 and WYNN 4.0 authorization conflict

James Bailey jbailey at uoregon.edu
Wed May 31 09:48:56 PDT 2006

Recently I reported an authorization conflict between JFW 7.0 and WYNN
4.0. It has been resolved and I wanted to share the solution. Here is
the quick background: because of our deployment plan we wanted to
authorize WYNN and JFW differently on the same machine. When this was
initially tried there were conflicts, you could authorize one program or
the other, but not both.

In this case the JFW was picking up its authorization from a server on
campus. The local machine had an environment variable named LSFORCEHOST.
The conflict was resolved by renaming that variable LSHOST. So far, this
solution seems to be working.

The solution was sent to me (eventually) by Freedom Scientific support.

James Bailey
Adaptive Technology Access Adviser, University of Oregon
1299 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1299
Office: 541-346-1076
jbailey at darkwing.uoregon.edu

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