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We do not have a site license for EasyReader (yep - they Americanized
the name...). We would like to (one day) but our structure does not lend
itself to anything campus-wide. We are considering opening a dialogue
with some of the larger computer labs on campus to see what can be done.
On a side note- for those of you attending AHG in a few weeks - I
recommend the presentation by ATHEN members Alice Anderson & Henry Huang
"Computer Access on Campus: Separate, Equal or Hybrid?"

We do use both Producer and Publisher extensively in our production
process and as we work our way through processes and workflows, we are
finding that each has it place. For the most part they have positively
impacted our workflow but not as much as the positive effects they have
had on student access to the materials - and student satisfaction with
the end products.

Where we have found Producer to be quite effective is in creating quick
and simple DTB especially when students need portions of a book
(chapters, sections) early in the semester before we can get to the
complete book using the more extensive Publisher. Producer is also
extremely capable for knocking out 'one-offs' such as journal articles
professors have posted on Bb.

As for the specific question of whether or not they have "eased
production" - that depends upon what you mean. They have made much of
our production easier BUT now that students have gotten wind of what we
can provide they are coming out of the wood work with requests. Students
who got fed up with Books on Tape years ago or found fault with us when
we were struggling in the early years of digital production are coming
back and asking for more and sooner! We have our first student this year
that came in already familiar with DAISY and has some of the nastiest
books (Graduate School of Management) I have ever dealt with!

One of my presentations at AHG will be on the topic of setting up such
workflows and organizing processes. For complete information on AHG -
visit the website: http://www.colorado.edu/atconference/

Daniel Berkowitz - Assistant Director
Boston University Office of Disability Services
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Hello all,

We have offered the use of Easy Reader this fall to students reading
books in alternate format and so far the response has been quite
positive. Now, we are considering buying a site license for the product
but I want to know if anyone out there has done so...

1. has any campus bought a site license for Easy Reader and if so are
they pleased or not with that decision?

2. has any campus implemented the use of Dolphin's Producer and/or
Publisher products and, if so, have they eased the production of
alternate format on your campus?

Thanks for any input you can provide,

Marla Roll


Marla C. Roll, MS, OTR
Director, Assistive Technology Resource Center
304 Occupational Therapy Building
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523 - 1586
970-491-6290 (fax)
mcroll at cahs.colostate.edu

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