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How much exactly is a "mizillion"?

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Hi Dan,

I am impressed by your thorough response, especially as it pertains to a
purchase we are considering for MCC. Unfortunately, I will be unable to
attend AHG and would like to know if it would be remotely possible to
get a copy of your presentation /information on how to set up a workflow
for the alt text production prorcesses.

Thanks a mizillion!


Berkowitz, Daniel J wrote:

> Marla,


> We do not have a site license for EasyReader (yep - they Americanized

> the name...). We would like to (one day) but our structure does not lend

> itself to anything campus-wide. We are considering opening a dialogue

> with some of the larger computer labs on campus to see what can be

> done. On a side note- for those of you attending AHG in a few weeks -

> I recommend the presentation by ATHEN members Alice Anderson & Henry

> Huang "//Computer Access on Campus: Separate, Equal or Hybrid?"//


> We do use both Producer and Publisher extensively in our production

> process and as we work our way through processes and workflows, we are

> finding that each has it place. For the most part they have positively

> impacted our workflow but not as much as the positive effects they

> have had on student access to the materials - and student satisfaction

> with the end products.


> Where we have found Producer to be quite effective is in creating

> quick and simple DTB especially when students need portions of a book

> (chapters, sections) early in the semester before we can get to the

> complete book using the more extensive Publisher. Producer is also

> extremely capable for knocking out 'one-offs' such as journal articles

> professors have posted on Bb.


> As for the specific question of whether or not they have "eased

> production" - that depends upon what you mean. They have made much of

> our production easier BUT now that students have gotten wind of what

> we can provide they are coming out of the wood work with requests.

> Students who got fed up with Books on Tape years ago or found fault

> with us when we were struggling in the early years of digital

> production are coming back and asking for more and sooner! We have our

> first student this year that came in already familiar with DAISY and

> has some of the nastiest books (Graduate School of Management) I have

> ever dealt with!


> One of my presentations at AHG will be on the topic of setting up such

> workflows and organizing processes. For complete information on AHG -

> visit the website: http://www.colorado.edu/atconference/


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> Daniel Berkowitz - Assistant Director

> Boston University Office of Disability Services

> 19 Deerfield Street, 2nd floor

> Boston, MA 02215


> (617) 353-3658 (office)

> (617) 353-9646 (fax)

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> Hello all,


> We have offered the use of Easy Reader this fall to students reading

> books in alternate format and so far the response has been quite

> positive. Now, we are considering buying a site license for the

> product but I want to know if anyone out there has done so...


> 1. has any campus bought a site license for Easy Reader and if so are

> they pleased or not with that decision?


> 2. has any campus implemented the use of Dolphin's Producer and/or

> Publisher products and, if so, have they eased the production of

> alternate format on your campus?


> Thanks for any input you can provide,


> Marla Roll


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> Marla C. Roll, MS, OTR

> Director, Assistive Technology Resource Center

> 304 Occupational Therapy Building

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