[Athen] ATHEN Meeting at AHG

Berkowitz, Daniel J djbrky at bu.edu
Fri Oct 27 07:59:34 PDT 2006

The ATHEN business meeting for member attending the Accessing Higher
Ground conference will be held on Wednesday, November 8th at 6:00 PM.

I believe it will be in room 311 of the hotel (the small lab) just like
last year. Howard will correct me if I am wrong and this information
will be posted around the conference site, agendas, etc.

I will also be sending this information out to the other listservs in
due time in order to invite interested parties to the meeting. However,
only active/registered members will be able to vote on agenda items.

Speaking of which - please send all agenda items to ATHEN Secretary
Laurie Vasquez at Vasquez at sbcc.edu

More info later -- Dann

Daniel Berkowitz - Assistant Director
Boston University Office of Disability Services
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Boston, MA 02215

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