[Athen] Portable Speech-to-Text (Urgent)

Berkowitz, Daniel J djbrky at bu.edu
Mon Sep 11 09:39:57 PDT 2006


A - LAW student using Dragon Naturally Speaking
B - LAW school uses blind grading
C - Students must use a program called "ExamSoft"

All indications to date are that DNS and ExamSoft do not get along.

QUESTION: Does ExamSoft play nice with DNS?
If "yes" - problem solved
If "no" - then we need to consider how best to support the students
needs. One way is to have student use non-ExamSoft computer and transfer
document into ExamSoft.

However - this brings up the issue of security as DNS is currently
loaded on the students personal laptop and the whole point of ExamSoft
is to shut down access to any files not necessary for the exam in
progress. To whit - we may be able to set up a proprietary workstation
with DNS for the student to use to take exams - but we would need to
load DNS and have the student provide their voice-file.

QUESTION: What are the voice-file portability options for DNS? I know
this is possible but do not know the specifics.

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