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Running network ZoomText really isn't that bad at all. I am doing it
right now and it is working across sub-domains in the same Forrest.
Here is what you need to do: SEE the ZoomText network installation guide
for more details if needed.

1. Choose a server to host the ZoomText installation files,
licenses, and optionally - the ZoomText profiles (nice feature and lets
you have some "roaming user" functionality - See the Network
Installation Guide).
2. Create a User Group on server that will be hosting Zoomtext.
(ATUsers or ZoomTextUsers if you want finer control of the shares)
3. Add the users you want to enable ZoomText for to this group. It
does not matter what domain they are in, but you must specify
(DOMAINNAME\UserName) - this is a local group on the server.
4. Create share for ZoomText on the server.
5. Set permissions so that the group you created in step 2 can read
and write to the share.
6. Install network ZoomText on the server using the fully-qualified
UNC path or IP. This is VERY important! Users on sub-domains other than
the one the server is on will NOT be able to "see" your server unless
you use either the

<file:///\\SERVERNAME.SubDomain.Domain.edu\ZoomText> ) OR the
b. IP address of the server, BUT make sure your server has
a STATIC IP if you choose this method. (i.e.\\\ZoomText)
c. One other note just to clarify: You CANNOT use just the
machine name in your UNC path. (i.e. \\SERVERNAME\ZoomText
<file:///\\SERVERNAME\ZoomText> ) This will NOT work across subdomains.

7. Make changes to the Setup.INI file in your
ZoomText\ZT9ClientSetup\ZtSetup share path if you want to enable roaming
zoomtext profiles. Details on how to do this are in the zoomtext network
setup guide.

a. Sample setup.ini file with roaming profiles enabled:
(anchovy is our AT server and ZTProfiles is the share I created to store
the ZoomText profiles - again notice the fully-qualified UNC path)


AppName=ZoomText 9.0








8. Now for the Final step and the one that caused me a good few
headaches before I figured out all this UNC business I keep harping on:
Installing ZoomText on the client machines. In order to do this first
make sure:

a. You are logged into client machine the with admin
b. You have disabled any secondary displays on the client
machine. (zoomtext does not support dual-headed displays - you may
already know this)
c. Just to be safe, make sure zoomtext is not installed or
un-install it before intalling the zetwork version.
d. Make sure you have created a user for yourself to access
the ZoomText share from the client machine.
e. Run setup off the ZoomtText share using your
fully-qualified domain name UNC or IP UNC. ***This is important*** even
if you can access the share using just the machine name, zoomtext
installation will fail because it checks to make sure the path you gave
for the installation of the server matches the path you are running the
client install from. This is what caused me the most headaches and most
figuring out.

9. You should be off to the races at this point. Let me know if you
have any problems - I may be able to help, but the guys over at AI
Squared are pretty darn good at helping out too :-).
10. Bask in the warm glow of your accomplishment!

That should be about it. I have yet to run into any problems using this
method, but it is still a bit early for me to say it is fool-proof in
all instances. Let me know what sort of mileage you get out of this
little guide and how much sense you can make of my writing. One other
note I want to make: I created a separate share to hold the profiles
and this seems to work just fine. It is a pretty slick feature if you
ask me. I have also made other Network Enabled Assitive Technology (I
like to call them NEAT Solutions :-) ) software products work across
domains. I am going to put together a guide or some sort of other
write-up together when I get the chance and I know for sure it is all
working correctly, but let me know if you have any other questions about
this kind of stuff.

-Douglas Borg

Assistive Technology Resource Center

Colorado State University

doug.borg at colostate.edu

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