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Kevin Price pricek at uic.edu
Wed Apr 4 14:03:55 PDT 2007

Let me try that again with additions. I am sorry for the repeat email.

I think your responsibilities more closely align with the job title of
"Alternative Media Specialist". I believe many Adaptive Technology
Specialists take on the responsibilities you described. Universities
interpret the role of the "Adaptive or Assistive Technology Specialist"
differently. I am very active on my campus in promoting accessible
information technology/web accessibility. It is hard to separate the roles
because they are so intertwined. Many students with disabilities are coming
into the university setting already with the necessary AT. They just need
added support for their current AT and help in making the instructional
content accessible. With more Universal Design integrated into available
technology, I think the job responsibilities of the AT Specialist are
changing to what your job responsibilities are now.

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Here's a question I'd love to have your input on:

My title is Adaptive Technology Specialist. However, I don't seem to do
what most people with that title do.

My primary role is to ensure that students enrolled in online courses
are accommodated, which may require getting transcripts, providing
alternate formats, etc. I also work on the back end of courses, with
faculty, staff, and administrators, trying to get them to produce
content that is friendly to students with disabilities and assistive
software and devices. Therefore, I work with the production of
accessible course content, not the interpretation or access to course

Rarely do I work with a student on trying to find technology to access
courses. Most of our students come already understanding what they
need and how to use it, or they work through their VR counsellors.

So what the heck would you call me?

BTW, my salary is at the lower end of the mid-range, based on what Terry
published, and it's only that high because they had a terrible time
filling the position. I'm based in DSS and am considered "tecchie" by
them but not really a tech person (sort of a hybrid, really).



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