[Athen] Speech Rec for Mac & Scribing/Captioning services

Howard Kramer Howard.Kramer at Colorado.EDU
Thu Apr 5 15:29:28 PDT 2007

Two questions - I've heard there is a speech recognition program (similar to
Nat Speak) for the MAC. Does anyone know the name and how well it works? Is
it part of the MAC operating system?

Second question - Laurie Harrison mentioned a service that will caption or
create transcripts. You can e-mail digital audio or multimedia files to them
and they can process them within hours, according to Laurie. I thought it
was called accuscribe but I could be wrong on that. ( I looked it up on the
Web and I found a court transcribing service). If anyone either has Laurie's
contact info or knows which service she is talking about, it would be much



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