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Stacy L. Smith stacylee at ksu.edu
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Dr. Coombs -

Put loosely, web 2.0 refers to the social interactivity of the web.
With web 1.0, people were observers; consumers. In web 2.0, we are
creators of content. We have social networking, and people responding
to one another and creating content in a way that is very new.

Take YouTube, for example. Say someone writes a song and records
themselves playing. Another person likes the song and records
themselves playing along and posts it....or writes a song that is
inspired by the original and posts it. These vidoes are interlinked,
and an intereaction has occurred. Also, people can post responses and
interact in this way.

Then we have Wikis, MySpace, FaceBook, blogs, etc.

An anthropoloy professor at K-State has become very well known recently
for a YouTube video he created for YouTube that became the most viewed
video for a while. It explains web 2.0. Unfortunately, it is not
accessible. For those of you who are interested, the link is:

The professor's name is Michael Wesch and his email is:
mwesch at k-state.edu . Perhaps he would be interested in answering more

Hope this helps -


Quoting Prof Norm Coombs <norm.coombs at gmail.com>:

> I am hearing people talking about Web 2.0. I only have the vaguest

> idea of

> what they are talking about. I am looking for information. I am

> also

> looking for a recommendation of someone who could discuss Web 2.0 on

> a

> Webinar in the near future.

> Norm Coombs

> norm.coombs at gmail.com

> or

> nrcgsh at rit.edu




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