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I tried it out with a couple of my more savvy students. The ZoomText user reported no problems... but then his response never logged because he missed the "submit" button! The JAWS user was extremely frustrated and had to have sighted assistance to complete the survey.

I contacted the developers. At least one seems to be interested in receiving some feedback from AT users. Of course, that doesn't guarantee action!

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Dann, as it so happens I'm working my way through www.surveyz.com ( http://www.surveyz.com/ ) today to try to determine the level of accessibility of their survey tool/service. Does anyone out there in ATHEN already have experience/comments with SurveyZ? At the moment it's appearing fairly good to me, but haven't yet had much time to play with it...


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I am sharing this e-mail with colleagues from the Access Technologist Higher Education Network. Several members have been working on the issue of accessible web-based survey tools and perhaps one of them can offer assistance or at least discuss this with you further.

Cheers --- Dann

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Hi Dann:

I want to thank you for responding to my post regarding my research. The topic of information access is of most interest to me, and is of great importance not only to myself, but, I feel, to everyone, and is definitely worth researching. I myself use a combination of Braille and computer/assistive technology in order to obtain that access. Information should be available to everyone, not just one specific sect of the population, and I strongly believe that the combination of using Braille and assistive technology together, and not just either one or the other alone, helps close that information gap. Some things are easier to do with hardcopy Braille, such as skimming a document, finding specific pages, and even proofreading, whereas computer/assistive technology is a better solution in other instances; completing assignments, access to the Internet, and reading books that would otherwise be too huge to carry around were they in multiple Braille volumes. (Instead of only being able to carry around one book or part of a book, we can carry around thousands of books either on our laptop computers or portable note taking devices). Some find that by listening to speech, they can also read faster than were they to read the same thing in Braille. These are some of my thoughts and opinions on the topic, at any rate, to give you an idea of my take on things and where I’m trying to go with my research, which I hopefully have been able to do.

Regarding a survey, I would love to be able to implement an online survey as that would probably be easier for people to answer and I’m guessing also easier for me to compile the responses once people have completed it. In that, though, I have no idea how to go about creating one. For previous surveys, I have just written out a Microsoft Word document of the survey and stored each person’s completed survey in a particular folder on my computer, organizing things that way. If you would be able to help me create an online survey or know of someone who would be willing, I would be greatly interested. I have an idea of the questions I want to ask, (the survey really isn’t that involved and shouldn’t be that long), so perhaps making it available online wouldn’t be that hard to do? I don’t know.

Thank you, take care, and whatever help or suggestions you would be able to offer me in completing my research is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,


Email: lizb at udel.edu Visit my Live Journal: http://unsilenceddream.livejournal.com ( http://unsilenceddream.livejournal.com/ )

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