[Athen] This just hit a little closer to home

Stacy L. Smith stacylee at ksu.edu
Thu Apr 19 12:51:29 PDT 2007

Both my husband and I work in student services, and we've both taught -
and both were English teachers. I know I've been doing a lot of
thinking about the impossible situation faculty and staff were in, in
this case. Every student should be given a fair chance, but we've also
seen how difficult it is to expell a student who is truly a problem.
How do you fix this situation? IS there a fix for this situation?

I see the AHEAD conference has several sessions on crisis management - I
bet they'll be well attended this year.

It's very sad. What would we do? Where would we hide? Can our
students jump from our windows? Our dorms have implemented stricter
policies since the event, and student have held a vigil. Here,
smack-dab in the middle of the US and in farm country, guns are
everywhere. There's a "no guns" sign as you come onto campus, but is
that going to stop someone who is obviously disturbed and determined?

I guess the best we can do is go on doing our jobs the best we can.


Quoting "Berkowitz, Daniel J" <djbrky at bu.edu>:

> Though I do not personally know of anyone injured or killed in the

> Virginia Tech shootings, I have spoken to some friends and colleagues

> who know of people who know of people and the world gets smaller.

> This

> blog post brought it a bit closer.

> http://www.edutechie.com/2007/04/in-loving-memory-of-jamie-bishop/


> EduTechie is one of the blogs I check regularly and greatly enjoy

> reading. I was doing a regular RSS rundown and there it was. Admit

> it,

> in the past 48 hours everyone of us has asked "what if our campus..."





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