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Terry Thompson tft at u.washington.edu
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One note of clarification: Attending the WWW conference is optional. One
could choose to attend only the W4A conference if one were so inclined.
That's not obvious from the registration form - I had to ask, and that's
what they told me.

As for integration of accessibility into the larger community of Web 2.0
ideas, I think W4A is a positive step. It's part of the larger conference
and occurs prior to the main conference so attendees will be fully emmersed
in accessibility for two full days plus a banquet, then can take that
accessibility-focused mindset into the main conference and contribute
informed accessibility-related ideas to the larger discussions. That's what
I expect to happen anyway. I'll be there, and will let you know if I'm still
feeling good about it afterwards.


Terry Thompson
Technology Specialist, DO-IT
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> Jennison Asuncion wrote:

> > Hello,

> >

> > It may be too late for most from a planning perspective, but there

> > will be a two day conference on web 2.0 and accessibility in Banff

> > Canada May 7 and 8. The site is www.w4a.info

> >

> > Jennison

> >


> FWIW, I saw this a while ago. While it certainly looks

> interesting, note that it is but part of a larger conference.

> The financial barrier attendance presents is quite steep: 400

> Canadian Dollars for the w4a sessions (BUT!!

> that is on top of the W3C conference: $395/one day to

> $1695.00/5day + hotel and travel)... You are looking at a

> fair chunk of change here.


> I recently attended the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, and

> after crawling the expo floor for about 5 hours, my overall

> impression of the numerous "Web 2.0 solutions" out there is that:


> A) AJAX is their savior...(sic), and that eventually

> everything will be one big mash-up.


> B) "Accessibility? Oh, that's Section 508, right?" (and

> that was the positive responses: I got equal quantities of

> blank stares). One booth told me that they were almost

> completely "Section 508" (as if it were a state of being -

> curiously as well, they were "almost"...)


> C)"I don't think we're there yet" and/or "We plan on

> addressing that in the next release".


> In short, most of these folks didn't get online accessibility

> in Web 1.0, what makes you think they will get it in 2.0? I

> was hugely disappointed.


> While I can commend the organizers of this conference (The

> International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee

> (IW3C2) [www.iw3c2.org]) for adding this "a la carte" module

> to the conference, it also saddens me that once again, Web

> Accessibility has been marginalize in this manner: why was

> this W4A module treated as a bolt-on and not part of the

> mainstream conference? If this is how the such a preeminent

> international body addresses Web 2.0/Accessibility, is it any

> wonder that those poor folks on the expo floor in San

> Francisco were so clued out?


> Sign me cynical and frustrated...


> JF



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