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Interesting material if not tedious. Why did they make the gif tags for
each button visible to JAWS? They could lose some participants after 20
questions or so that way....

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The following item of interest is being forwarded from a student on the
National Alliance of Blind Students Email list. The following e-mail
explains her work. I took the surveys and found them and this research
to be very interesting.

Cheers --- Dann

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Hi all,

As part of my linguistics class at Brown, I am conducting a survey on
the emotional qualities people perceive when listening to a speech
synthesiser. My online survey should take you no more than 20 minutes to
complete and I would really appreciate your help. The links to the
survey are below. Please choose either the July to December or the
January to June link based on your birth month. If you have any
questions about the survey, please feel free to email me at
tasha_chemel at brown.edu. Also, please feel free to pass this on to any
one you think would be intrested (blind or sighted).



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