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ARGH! My apologies, folks, I thought that was going to Heidi

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Ah yes, love that line "someone would have done soemthing about it by
now..." And the web is now completely accessible as are our course
management systems and there is no need for disability support services
because someone has already done everything possible to make our
campuses/programs COMPLETELY accessible for people with disabilities.


(Sorry for the sarcasim - it's the end of a long, chaotic day!) Hang in
there, T!


Heidi Scher, M.S., CRC
Counselor/Coordinator of Disability Services
Arkansas State University - Beebe
501-882-8263 V/T

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Hi, Jean. Thanks, at least I can tell him that other campuses are also
having similar problems; his attitude so far has been "other campuses
can't be having these kinds of problems or we would have heard about it,
or someone would have done something about it by now..."


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