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We do have students with a variety of significant disabilities that are
enrolled in Art and Graphics programs. We have just purchased a Wacom
tablet/monitor, so that students that have no functional use of their
arms/hands can access this equipment using a headstick. This direct
input method allows students to see what they are doing as they go
along. I don't know if that will be workable for your student, but you
might want to try it.


Connie Wiersma, Assistant Director
Center for Students with Disabilities
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
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Good Morning:

Please can I get some advice. I am at the early stages of working with
a vocational rehabilitation team to get a very artistic and creative 26
year old man who is a quadriplegic with no ability to use his hands. He
is able to use his wheelchair on his own because he has some lateral
movement in his arms but no movement in his hands. He is interested in
going back to school to do a digital Design Certificate and we are
working on his computer set up to allow him to do the required courses.

The computer lab for the digital design curriculum has the following

Mac Lab

G4 workstations have:

Adobe CS2 Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)

Quark Express Version 7

Additional Computers on the campus:

G4 Macs in the Open Lab with hopefully

Adobe CS3 this fall.

Has anyone else worked with a student doing this kind of course, and can
you share any information with me on what the set up was, and what

Thanking you in advance


Lorraine Norwich

Assistive Technology Specialist

Community Work Services

174 Portland Street

Boston, MA 02114-7114

lorrainen at cwsbos.com

Telephone: 617-720-2233 X 222

Fax: 617-367-4759

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