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Greetings, all -

I'm posting this for a colleague on the DSSHE listserv. If you have
helpful advice for her regarding JAWS compatibility with any of the
software she lists below, as well as a few moments to spare, please
respond directly to:

Arlene Giczkowski <giczkows at nova.edu>



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From: Arlene Giczkowski <giczkows at NOVA.EDU>
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Subject: Blind Faculty

Greetings! I am assisting our HR department in getting some feedback
regarding accessibility for one of our faculty. This professor works in
graduate school for psychology. He is blind and currently uses JAWS.
He is
reporting displeasure with the compatibility of JAWS with our current
platforms and databases. These specifically include: Banner, WebCT,
WebStar, and the research database ProQuest. This faculty member took
upon himself to get a proposal and quote from a consultant group in CA
is in FL). The quote came out to $9,600 for 64 hours to do an
assessment of
the technology accessibility issues and make recommendations. (This did
include travel/hotel/meals, etc)

I have several questions to pose to this diverse and experienced group.

1. Is this an excessive or competitive quote? I believe it comes out to

2. Is there alternative software that may better suit his needs or be
compatible with the technology?

3. Does anyone know of a local or regional consulting company that is
reputable so we can seek other proposals? Our main campus is in the
Lauderdale area.

Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Arlene Giczkowski, M.S. Ed.

Director, Student Disability Services

Nova Southeastern University

(954) 262-7189


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Stacy Smith
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