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Robert Beach rbeach at kckcc.edu
Wed Aug 29 13:16:09 PDT 2007


What program are you using to create the audio files? It will probably
have a CD burning feature built in. I know Text-2-Audio does.

If your audio program does not have CD burning capabilities, I would
use something such as Easey CD Creator, Roxio, or Nero to create the
audio CD's.

As far as WAV vs. MP3 files, if you're going to audio CD, the size
doesn't matter. Audio CDs work on time, not size. So, you can get 80
minutes of MP3 quality sound or 80 minutes of WAV quality sound. It
will be the same amount of reading either way. Yes, this method will
take lots of CDs, but is probably the most portable system.

If you are indeed creating data CDs that have audio files on them, then
size does matter and MP3 files are smaller than WAV files. Like
somebody else said, most newer CD players also recognize MP3 files, so
this may be the best way for your student. However, naming the files
correctly can be very important.


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>>> gerrynies at mail.und.nodak.edu 8/29/2007 1:52 PM >>>

OK so we haven't made it to DAISY yet. And I am sure that I am just
missing something simple. We have a student who will be using a CD
player to listen to their text. We have generated .wav files of the text
and want to get to the cd. At this point we have files that equate to
about an hour apiece. How do I get it to the CD?

I have burned it using Windows Media Player and works but it involves
lots of disks. I know there is a better solution I just don't know what
it is.

Thanks for the help

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