[Athen] ATHEN Survey: Request for feedback

Terry Thompson tft at u.washington.edu
Thu Dec 6 12:24:56 PST 2007

Hi All,

Members of the ATHEN Survey team met for a solid day at Accessing Higher
Ground in Boulder and finalized our first public draft of the questions we'd
like to ask on the 2008 ATHEN Survey.

This will be the third in a series of surveys designed to collect data
regarding higher education institutions' practices, procedures, and policies
for addressing their information technology accessibility. The first two
surveys were conducted in 2000 and 2004. The most significant change from
the previous surveys is that the survey is no longer one gargantuan survey.
It has instead been divided into several shorter surveys. This is in part to
address the fact that at many institutions the various roles we're assessing
are performed by different individuals or groups. Another motive is the
belief that users can more easily complete several short surveys than one
long survey. All this is explained on the survey wiki, which is also where
you can find all the questions:


We'd love to get your feedback, recommendations, comments, and/or concerns
regarding the survey. Please don't edit the wiki pages - just send feedback
to me (tft at u.washington.edu) and I'll compile it all and share it with the
survey team. If you have concerns that warrant more widespread discussion
here on the ATHEN list, feel free to post here too.

Keep in mind as you review the questions that the wiki was designed as a
workspace only, so it might not have the greatest curb appeal. All questions
will ultimately be transferred into our custom-designed web survey tool.
Also, many of the questions are conditional, i.e., survey participants will
only be asked certain questions if they answered certain ways to certain
earlier questions.

We're wanting to go live with the survey in early 2008, probably announcing
it in late January or early February and continuing to promote it through
March. If you can look it over and send me your feedback by the end of
December that would be great.


Terry Thompson
Technology Accessibility Specialist
DO-IT, Computing & Communications
University of Washington
tft at u.washington.edu

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