[Athen] Help for student with hearing impairment

Stacy L. Smith stacylee at ksu.edu
Wed Feb 7 13:36:29 PST 2007

Hi all -

I have a student whose online course relies heavily on DVDs, and he is
losing a good portion of the lecture due to his hearing impairment.
I've looked at the DVD and the instructor seems pretty clear, but often
looks at his slides....I suspect that the student may be losing some
lipread material at those points.

Sound enhancement has helped, but not enough.

The student wears hearing aids and is currently using an FM-like system
that plugs directly into his hearing aid.

My question: are there FM-type systems out there that can accept a
line-in from another source (like a computer)?

Are there any devices that can go from a line out directly to the
hearing aid?

At this point I don't have any make/model information on anything. We
can always transcribe, but we're well into the semester and the student
is just coming to us....I hate to make him wait to get transcripts.

Thoughts? Other ideas?



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