[Athen] support for student with hearing loss

Charles Silverman charles.silverman at utoronto.ca
Thu Feb 8 09:43:29 PST 2007

On the topic of support students with hearing loss in lectures/
classrooms, etc., if it's a lecture then captioning either a video or
audio file makes so much sense (assuming that a computer is the
playback environment). All students would benefit from this as
captioning is a way to reinforce concepts, terms, etc. Students who
are familiar with words and terminology used in the subject area do
the captioning as part of their work study.

We created a captioning and descriptive video editor a few years
back, called CapScribe. We use it a lot in-house, but it's open-
source, free to anyone, runs on Mac OS 10.3 or greater. Documentation
could be better but still, it's a quick learning curve. Reports back
from users suggest that it's pretty easy to use. Quicktime compatible
media is required and Quicktime is required to to play back content
(not a big deal in the era of iPod and iTunes saturation). Check out
some samples on its home page also on the ARTC's SNOW site.
Catherine Frazee's talk at the 2005 United Nations International Day
of Disabled Persons is a particularly inspiring. Feel free to contact
me off-line if you're interested in using it or have questions.

Magpie from NCAM at WGBH is the other currently free editor. It runs
on both Mac and Windows.

Charles Silverman, M.Ed.
SNOW Coordinator
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
Faculty of Information Studies
University of Toronto

"Now, 75 years later in an abundant society where people have
laptops, cell phones, iPods, and minds like empty rooms, I still plod
along with books." - Harper Lee


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> Thanks to everyone who has sent great advice both on and off list.

> I'm

> hoping to speak to the student soon to see if any of this will work

> for

> him.


> Captioning is obviously the best solution, but if I can help him hear

> more course material now, I'd rather.


> Has anyone had any luck convincing instructors to create transcripts

> before they create course content? I'm just starting to talk to

> instructors and support staff about this and if anyone has any

> experience in this arena, I'd love to hear it. It takes us 4 hrs per

> hour of lecture to transcribe in-house (I know it could be better, but

> this is the option I'm allowed at this point). I'd do a happy little

> dance if I could eliminate that need.


> Thanks again for the help. I'm very impressed with some of the

> assistive tech that's out there, and I'm VERY glad that you all are

> available to point me in the right direction!


> Stacy


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