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I am on the NIMAS development committee, and want to second Dann's comments
about the NIMAS site. If you are not sure about NIMAS and its potential
impact on you this paper may be helpful:


Ron Stewart

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I've been tapped to present on NIMAS for a course I am taking this semester
[SED SE744: Special Education Administration]. Fortunately, I have a secret
weapon in my knowledge arsenal - the NIMAS listservs at CAST
<http://lists.cast.org/mailman/listinfo> . Chuck Hitchcock [Chief Officer,
Policy and TechnologyDirector, NIMAS Technical Assistance Center] is a
regular contributor to the General Interest Group list and recently posted a
link to the NIMAS at CAST: NIMAS Presentations
<http://nimas.cast.org/center/presentations/index.html> page. This page
includes all upcoming presentations by the CAST crew and some of the current
handouts they use.

The Workflow Graphic depicting NIMAS/NIMAC implementation and SEA (State
Education Agency) Implementation Scenarios were distributed through the
listservs before being posted here. The NIMAS/NIMAC glossary is a must read
-- don't be the only AMP left out of all the coolest conversations about
SGML and Dublin Core at CSUN because you haven't brushed up on your
acronyms. For those needing such information, CAST is now listing the
primary contacts for NIMAS/NIMAC
<http://nimas.cast.org/about/resources/nimas_nimac_contacts.html> in each

The NIMAC site <http://www.nimac.us/> itself has much good information,
including PowerPoint presentations (with audio overlay) as well as archived
on-line presentations. However, one of the best presentations on NIMAS/NIMAC
available on-line is the audio and transcript of NIMAS in IDEA, What You
Need To Know Now <http://www.ncdae.org/webcasts/nimas.cfm> webcast available
through the National Center on Disability and Access to Education
<http://www.ncdae.org/> .

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