[Athen] Open Source as a Methodology for Access (was RE: Accessible Office Export Plug-In That's NOT UIUC)

Sesock, Kevin A kevin.sesock at okstate.edu
Mon Feb 12 07:19:48 PST 2007


I should apologize once again for starting up a rather... shall we say
impassioned discussion about this, and it is not my intention to cause
derision amongst the members of this listserv, nor the members of the
community. It IS my intention, however, to continue to pressure the
community to consider the Open Source model, as I believe that promotes
more positive growth than a closed commercial development model. In a
field that is so considerably underdeveloped and unsupported compared to
many other fields in E&IT, and which receives far less resources and
support in most environments, I believe this is something that needs to
be continually addressed, that Open Source, at least in many aspects,
may be the only salvation. I know I come off as a pretty staunch
supporter of Open Source (okay, so I make Eric S. Raymond look like
Ghandi, and seriously, don't get me started on ESR), but any thoughts?
Please, feel free to change my mind, which is by no means impossible.

Again, sorry for my usual antics, and thanks for your nearly infinite

Kevin A. Sesock, A+, Net+, CNA, MCSA
Assistive Technology Specialist
Student Disability Services
Division of Student Affairs
Oklahoma State University


"Hail to the speaker, hail to the knower; joy to he who has understood,
delight to they who have listened." - Odin

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