[Athen] Most accessible open source CMS

Pratik Patel pratikp1 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 22:54:42 PST 2007

E.A. Draffan wrote:

> I am sure this has been discussed but with all the updates to open

> source CMS tools I just wondered if anyone had an opinion on which is

> the most accessible one? Joomla seem to be off with Google to work on

> it

> http://code.google.com/soc/joomla/appinfo.html?csaid=52B7D46E2DD02887

> Mambo and Drupal are on Robbie's list and I am using Moodle at the

> moment.


Hello, Sorry for writing a bit late to this thread. As a screen reader
user who has gotten used to switch back and forth between JAWS and
Window-Eyes (and who plans to add Hal to that mix), I must say I find
Drupal to be the best in terms of usability and accessibility. The 5.x
release adds a superb amount of configurability with loads of modules that
can be easily turned off and on. The most problematic thing about Drupal is
the theme choice. Some of the preexisting themes have no built-in
accessibility support while others tend to be quite accesible
out-of-the-box. I've not tested some of the ajaxian modules that can be
downloaded separately. But, I'll give Drupal high marks. The developers
seem to have really thought of accessiiblity. They are very good with
feedback as well. Accessibility problems can be reported as bugs and are
quickly fixed. Now if someone would write a WordPress Module for Drupal,
I'll be in heaven.


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