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Good morning,

Here is an update as of yesterday afternoon from a variety of sources:

GW does foresee any problems with their products,

FS will release Vista compliant Betas at the end of the month probably go to
release at CSUN. VISTA is requiring a total rewrite of their products so
expect a lot of issues early on, remember the Windows NT fiasco. WYNN is
going to be a real problem so probably about a year out. MAGIC has a lot of
other issues as well with compatibility with other AT but once they get the
JAWS issues dealt with, Magic typically is the next problem child.

Dolphin (yes there is a third player that we need to remember!) does not
foresee a lot of issues, but projects a late stage beta by CSUN.

Kurzweil has made no public announcements but expect K3000 to be at least in
Beta by CSUN, K1000 is always way behind and will have more issues to deal

AiSquared got bought this year so we will probably see some kind of tangible
beta by CSUN.

Scanner engine problems with both Omnipage and Abbyy, so all the products
that are based on the Abbyy engines will need to be upgraded to the latest

Anyone else got some gossip to add to the pot. Here is a reality check as
well, less than 15% of commercial organizations will migrate to VISTA in
2007, 25% of HE is planning on migrating, and at the Federal level it may be
a couple of years based on past history.

Ron Stewart

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E.A., (with a copy to the list)

Happy new year to you as well.

According to the public statements that Freedomscientific and GW
Micro have made, screen reader updates will be released at approximately the
same time as Vista's expected launch--end of january. I've been told by
Freedomscientific reps that Magic will be ready a few weeks after vista's
launch. By that, I generally expect Magic timetable to be slightly more
delayed. I would think that magic should be ready by csun. I've not heard
anything about ZoomText and its expected readiness. I am also not familiar
with dolphin's time table. (Ron, can you comment?)

Nuance expects to release a service pack update to Dragon 9 for Vista
compatibility in late january. Earlier versions of Dragon do not expect to
be supported.

Institutions using Nuance's Omnipage 15 will have to purchase new licenses
for the product. There will be no service releases for some reason.

I posed the question to kurzweil about Kurzweils 1000 and 3000 compatibility
earlier today. I'll let you know when I hear more.

As I understand it, there will be an update to WYNN late summer to early

As to a blog, stay tuned ... Where's Dan when we need him!

I hope that's somewhat helpful.



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Thank you so much for this update - folks are getting a bit eager over here
to try Vista, but I have a feeling they need to wait and I wondered if you
knew of any blog or discussion that was advising about suitable timescales
for using Vista with screen readers and other A.T?

Many thanks for your help and Happy New Year.

Best Wishes E.A.

Mrs E.A. Draffan
Assistive Technologist
Mobile: 07976 289103


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Subject: [Athen] Windows Vista Keyboard shortcuts

Hello all,

In anticipation of the upcoming Windows Vista operating system release,
please see the following page to learn more about the keyboard shortcuts
that will be available in the new OS.

Keyboard shortcuts

Pratik patel

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