[Athen] Ensuring 508 compliance of university IT products

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We have developed some purchasing guidelines at:


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> Hello All & Happy New Year (isn't it great to be

> back!):


> I'm working with our office of Provost for

> Technology to possibly implement a 508 check at the

> procurement level for any system-wide IT purchases -

> i.e. webmail, calendaring, etc. I'm wondering if any

> other campuses have implemented some type of 508

> stipulation at the procurement level, or if not, do

> you have any other type of mechanism in play to

> ensure 508 compliance of campus-wide IT - besides

> simply the campus education & outreach approach.


> This all follows a frustrating experience last year

> when ITS purchased a new inaccessible

> Webmail/calendaring product after we gave them

> feedback that the product was not accessible. Our

> ITS dept. has usually been cooperative with trying

> to comply with 508. However, in this case they

> proceeded with the purchase with the argument that

> using a different interface - i.e. Outlook -

> screenreader users could still access the product.

> Not a view I agree with.


> Thanks,

> Howard


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