[Athen] A New England trumpeter reports

Dann Berkowitz djbrky at bu.edu
Wed Jan 17 04:54:00 PST 2007

No one can say that I do not know some interesting people. This one is too good not to share. Here is a BostonGlobe stoy about a local band that is doing an international gig in Baghdad .... yep you read that right .... in the heart of the Green Zone.

The drummer for this band is a buddy of mine through the Fife and Drum Corps I belong to. Here is the BLOG site:

The guy I know is the drummer -- referred to here as Saint James. Note the F&D Corps jacket he is wearin in some of the shots.


The following appeared on Boston.com:
Headline: A New England trumpeter reports
Date: January 16, 2007

"EDITOR'S NOTE: Chris Elliott is a part-time trumpeter (and fulltime
technical writer in Cambridge) whose band is playing a week's worth of
gigs in Baghdad. Here's his first post home."

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into a Web browser:



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