[Athen] Tablet PC question

Mary J. Ziegler maryz at MIT.EDU
Mon Jan 22 09:50:19 PST 2007


I have a client that, due to a Repetitive Strain Injury, would like to use a
Tablet PC with a pen that activates the mouse without having to touch the
screen, i.e., by hovering. Most of the tablets allow you to move the
mouse by hovering, but to actually click and/or write, the pen must be
touching and you must use some pressure.

Does anyone know of
- a Tablet PC that allows you to write/click by hovering and not touching
- software that would add more sensitivity to the pen so that it would
activate with barely any pressure?


Mary J. Ziegler
Team Leader, Adaptive Technology
MIT Information Services and Technology (IS&T)
ATIC Lab Room 7-143
maryz at mit.edu

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