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You might look at the Jaeco products arm support. You can configure the spring assist to the keyboard, the length of the vertical and horizontal swing, purchase a padded arm support in different lengths and it will mount to the wheelchair without looking like those broken arm slings. It takes some technical training on knowing how to configure it but it has nice features. The Ergorest does not mount to the wheelchair and the Zonco is a little uncomfortable and doesn't mount to wheelchair. We haven't kept up with the changes on
these two since we had the jaeco.

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We are looking for a wheelchair-mountable arm support for a student that could damper their spasticity and assist them in controlling random movements while still allowing him the range of motion within a specifiable 3-D area to permit him to type on a keyboard and use his Dynavox. The student currently uses a splint that requires additional support. The splint can be fitted with various balls to hold either a stylus or writing/art implements. He isn't currently independent in using his splint & requires someone to hold the splint to damper the spasticity/random movements. Something that would be ideal would be similar to how a plotter works but:- have it move in 3 dimensions- have the capability to adjust the dampening according to his muscle tone/spasticity- have the ability to adjust the range of motion for different activities: Dynavox, keyboard, art, eating...The student has been seen by OT professionals.
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