[Athen] Transcription Aid for Dragon

Dina Rosenbaum dina.rosenbaum at carroll.org
Thu Jan 25 06:32:36 PST 2007

I need a little clarification on this as this question comes up often
with our visually impaired students and notetaking.
SO you are saying the student uses a digital recorder in class and
records a class lecture directly from the professor?
THen uses this program to transcribe into a text file that is saved on
the computer. But still maintains an audio file for review as well? If I
am right, aren't there issues with recording, like the teacher moving
around, background noise, etc??

Dina Rosenbaum
Carroll Center for the BLind
770 Centre St, Newton, MA 02459

Wink Harner wrote:

> Stacy et al in Athenland,


> I personally use it the one with Dragon and several of our students use

> similar ones for class note transcriptions. One student has used a

> stand-alone speech-to-text digital recorder (panasonic, I think) which

> works extremely well for his needs. There is some editing involved in

> both cases, but with the new Version 9 of Dragon the headache factor has

> been much reduced! Our student who uses the panasonic (it's RRUS360

> model) has raved over the practicality & usability of it. You can listen

> to it as an audio file and with the software installed on your PC, the

> recorder hooks up via a USB connection and the transcription is pretty

> automatic. Some editing would be necessary, but with a copy of the notes

> from class, it's not that hard to correct.


> Hope this is helpful.


> Wink

> Ms. Wink Harner

> Manager

> Disability Resources & Services

> Mesa Community College





> Stacy L. Smith wrote:



>> Has anyone seen/heard of/used this product? Its purpose is to take

>> audio files, run them through Dragon, and then provide you with

>> transcription software to correct the transcript as you listen to the

>> audio. It's supposed to work with Dragon to improve accuracy as you

>> correct the transcript.


>> http://www.transcriptiongear.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=TRANSAID-SGL&Category_Code=DIGITRANS-TOP&Product_Count=1



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